A Batch of Customized Solids Control Equipment for South American Partner Will Be Shipment

Jun 19, 2015

Over nearly two months of preparation, customized solids control equipment, that is the second batch of products provided by KOSUN for a South American partner, has been manufactured and is ready for shipment.
This time, the equipment provided for the customer covers several typical KOSUN models, such as LS703 shale shakers, MD210 mud cleaners, DC355-VFD decanter centrifuges, CP68-55 centrifugal pumps, CP23-7 centrifugal pumps and screens.
The customer puts forward some improvement requirements catering to local operation habits, and KOSUN adds customized services to its standard configuration and makes technical adjustments on the equipment. For delivery on time, KOSUN staff maintains the schedule and completes the equipment production based on guaranteeing both quality and quantity before the date of delivery, and is about to deliver the goods.

Hydrocyclones of the MD210 Mud Cleaners Customized by the Customer

KOSUN CP68-55 Centrifugal Pump Customized by the Customer
KOSUN solids control products are very popular among South American customers. In the first half year of 2015, KOSUN has delivered 38 shale shakers, 18 mud cleaners, 32 centrifugal pumps, 9 centrifuges, 1200 screens and some accessories of solids control system to the South America. KOSUN is firmly under the belief that joint efforts with regional partners will further expand the South American market and brand influence of KOSUN, provide more regional customers with superior-quality equipment and high-grade services of KOSUN, and bring joint development to all partners through the win-win cooperation pattern.