A Batch of KOSUN Drilling Security Equipment was be Ordered by A Famous US Service Company

Jul 13, 2015

Drilling security equipment plays a vitally important role at drilling sites. In case of blowout or well kick, or when operators use unbalanced mud column in well drilling, mud/gas separator is essential. North American oilfields have the highest standards for security equipment in the world, and few security equipment of Chinese brands can enter American market and be put into service to support the drilling operations.

Photo of Processing Mud/gas Separator in KOSUN Factory
Through three-month negotiation, a famous US service company and KOSUN sign a purchase contract of MGS800 mud/gas separator. At the early stage of communication, the user put forward various requirements on these mud/gas separators and asked KOSUN to comply with American drilling security equipment standards in materials, welding technology, pressure-bearing level, external structure, dimensions, pressure container qualification, inspection, certification, etc. After confirming our manufacturing and production capacities up to the user’s requirements, KOSUN team replied to the user quickly and finally won the order through repeated communication and negotiation.

Main Body of KOSUN Mud/gas Separators with Ladder and
Observation Hole for Convenient Maintenance

Finished Mud/gas Separators
According to the customer’s requirements, this batch of mud/gas separators are equipped with 35MPa high-pressure flange and straight-through choke manifold as well as main body made of Q345R material, possessing the first-class quality and technology in China’s drilling security equipment industry. In 2015, against the background of global oil and gas industry downturn, KOSUN makes its way upstream with the slogan of “More Than Customized” aiming at drilling mud solids control equipment markets all over the world, and provides oilfield service companies, drilling companies and energy companies with customized solids control equipment and drilling waste management equipment, as well as relevant services. The provision of drilling security equipment for the well-known US service company proves the high quality and reliability of KOSUN products once again. With the service philosophy of “More Than Customized”, KOSUN team is quite ready for cooperation with you!