KOSUN Becomes the First Drilling Solids Control Company Possessing Complete Qualifications for Export to Russia in China

Jun 26, 2015

At the beginning of 2015, Xi’an Kosun Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully acquired complete qualifications for exporting drilling solids control equipment to Russia.
As the leader in solids control industry in China, KOSUN becomes the first drilling solids control manufacturer possessing complete certificates for access to Russia in China.

Access Certificate for Solids Control Equipment to Russia

Appendix I to Access Certificate for Solids Control Equipment to Russia

Appendix II to Access Certificate for Solids Control Equipment to Russia

Access Certificate for Explosion-proof Motors to Russia
Xi’an Kosun Machinery Co., Ltd. is the leader in China’s solids control industry and expert in drilling waste management. KOSUN is capable of providing customers with such four series as oil & gas drilling solids control equipment, centrifuges, drilling waste treatment equipment and drilling security equipment, including 25 categories of products.
At present, KOSUN has directly exported its products to all-Russia regions, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, etc. With the purpose of providing better services to customers in all-Russia regions, KOSUN establishes Kosun Oil Equipment, Inc., a branch company of KOSUN, in Tyumen Russia in March 2015, where geographical location is superior, oil and gas blocks are concentrated, raw materials are rich and easy to obtain, industrial foundation is solid and transportation is convenient.
With complete qualifications for export to Russia, KOSUN will serve the markets in Russia and CIS regions better by providing top-quality solids control equipment and systems.